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A former full-time professional makeup artist and esthetician with over a decade of experience in the beauty industry. I turned in my curling irons and false lashes to raise my babies. Only to find SEINT makeup and fall completely in love. Let me show you how beautiful you are!

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  • The Seint Collections

    The makeup collections with SEINT are not only making your palette more affordable, but it's one of the easiest ways to match yourself. There is nothing like Seint cream based makeup (trust me, ...

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    The Seint Collections
  • 2023 Mascara Review

    There are so many good mascaras on the market today. You can find mascaras in drug stores, beauty stores, boutiques and online. Mascara possibilities are endless. All of the choices you have for ...

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    2023 Mascara Review
  • Six Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin During Fall

    While summer and winter are the more extreme seasonal cousins, there are special ways you can take extra special care of your skin during the fall season, especially if you are over 30 with maturing ...

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    Six Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin During Fall