Hi, I’m Michelle!

Makeup Artist + Hair Stylist + Mama Of 2

From hair and makeup for red carpets to styling indie films and everything in between, Michelle is truly humbled to attempt mastering the art of hair and makeup. Throughout the years of study and love of her craft, she became fixated on teaching regular, spectacular women how to take fantastic care of themselves.

After being in the beauty industry for 17 years Michelle realized that there was a huge gap in the industry.

The internet is flooded with youtube videos and insta influencers teaching everything from winged eyeliner to making your hair look like a rainbow! She quickly noticed that hardly anyone was able to simplify the beauty process so that everyday women can manage their own regimen without the overwhelm.

Michelle works hard to create online resources that any women in the world can access at any time.

Her courses and books are for moms needing a little boost to feel human again and even includes the woman who looks in the mirror and doesn’t recognize who she sees.

Michelle’s goal is to break down self-care so that it is sustainable, simple and easy to implement at any stage in life.