The One Thing Holding You Back From Being A Bad-Ass Warrior Goddess

In my opinion, there really is one thing that holding so many of us back from being the kick ass warrior goddess’ that we truly are. And let me assure you, none of us have time for this nonsense! The world needs our bravery now more than ever. Today I’ve decided to answer a question that I got via instagram that said:

“I have kids, a partner who loves me and all of the stuff I need that is supposed to make me happy. Why do I still feel like a shell of myself?”

The name of the game here is pinning down exactly what’s holding you back and figuring out exactly where you want to go. We all know this. So, what’s stopping so many of us from getting really fucking clear on these things? FEAR.

At this point, it’s a pretty predictable trope. You can find it on framed decor at Marshalls & on tote bags in the Target dollar section. But darling, literally every single fucking huge, amazing thing you want is on the other side of that fear.

No one was asked to be born. No one chose the circumstances they were born into. Not consciously anyhow. So, here’s the good news: no one is going to get you up and out of these circumstances except you. I’m really sorry if that makes me sound like Rachel Hollis (she’s kind of the worst). But it’s still true.

When you imagine in your mind what your ideal life would look like: who you’d be with, what you’d look like, what you’re doing… you’re making a wish. Wishes are wonderful, I believe whole heartedly in setting the right intentions. Of course, we can have a chat about doing the work and taking action. But, honestly, if these changes are things that we truly want, we can have them.

But we can’t have these things without bravery. We cannot allow ourselves to transform into the people we truly want to be unless we allow our old selves to die, and death isn’t always pretty.

Of course we’re afraid. Of course our lizard brain rejects it’s own hypothetical peril. We wouldn’t be human (or alive for very long) if we didn’t feel the fear that has kept the human species alive and evolving all of these years. The threats look less and less like sabertooth tigers and more and more like tribal rejection and viperous criticisms. To that note, I remind you to consider…

“If you’re not in the arena also getting your ass kicked, I’m not interested in your feedback.”

Brené Brown

People who criticize and judge others for taking brave actions are people who are afraid to be brave themselves. Are these really the people you want to suspend your creative energy for?

So my dears, consider what it is that you’re afraid of, put on a helmet, say a hail mary and fearlessly go do what you’re being called to do anyways. Everything amazing is on the other side of the paralyzing feeling.

If I get even one comment saying how “jumping into a pit of venomous snakes isn’t brave, it’s stupid” or any such nonsense. Let me remind you to check in with yourself. No one is asking you to kill your body. Just to kill your limitations. Don’t literally jump off a cliff (unless you have a skilled professional helping you). But be brave and get in the arena to fight off what’s keeping you from the life you deserve. Beat it down, expect it to beat you back. Either way, you showed up for yourself.

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